Uniqlo's initiative to give life to unwanted clothes

Global apparel retailer Uniqlo has begun a new initiative – RE Uniqlo – under which Uniqlo clothing that is no longer needed by customers is collected and given new life and new value. The effort is to benefit the environment and communities by keeping valuable resources out of landfills. On November 2, Recycled Down Jackets will be launched in Japan.

The launch of, Recycled Down Jackets in Japan indicates the first items from the initiative. These will incorporate rejuvenated down taken from 620,000 jackets gathered around the country since September last year. In addition, Uniqlo is also initiating a new down product collection campaign in stores across 21 markets, including Japan, from late September.

Christophe Lemaire, artistic director of the Uniqlo Paris R and D Centre, said, “My personal commitments are aligned with the goals of RE. Uniqlo. The Uniqlo U Recycled Down Jacket represents Uniqlo and my own continued dedication to sustainability.”

Uniqlo intends to provide customers with more sustainable apparel, by employing sustainable materials and using less resources in production processes. RE. Uniqlo is a major step forward building upon these efforts. It further develops the All-Product Recycling initiative that the brand started in 2006 to collect lightly used clothing from customers and donate them to refugees and others in need and promotes product-to-product recycling.

The RE in RE. Uniqlo is proof of the virtues of recycling, reusing and reducing. Under the initiative, the company collects pre-worn Uniqlo items from customers to be recycled as part of new products. In the process, waste, carbon dioxide emissions, and resource consumption are reduced throughout product lifecycles. Through RE. Uniqlo, Uniqlo is uniting with customers in a drive to become a brand that is better for the environment and communities alike.

Recycled Down Jackets originated with the Uniqlo U design team at the Uniqlo Paris R and D Centre, which Lemaire oversees. All of the down and feather from the new products comes from the 620,000 down jackets collected from customers, which are given new life as high-quality wardrobe items that are both comfortable and kind to the environment.

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