Perseid meteor shower will peak next week — here’s how to watch –

It’s one of the highlights of summer — the Perseid meteor shower is expected to peak next week.

Billed as the most active meteor shower of the year, it’s slated to peak the nights of Aug. 11 and Aug. 12 in 2020.

The National Weather Service says the moon will make it hard to see some of the meteors but the best viewing will be in a dark sky away from the radiant, or where the meteors appear to be coming from. For this shower, the radiant is in the constellation of Perseus, which is also where the annual event gets its name.

You could also try to look for meteors before the moon rises or after it sets in your location. You can try out this handy tool here to see what time is best for stargazing!

Experts have also suggested making sure you let your eyes adjust for about 20 minutes when looking at the dark sky — you’ll be more likely to catch a glimpse of the fast-moving meteors.

If you miss the peak, don’t fret. The Perseids are visible until Aug. 26, so you still have time to catch a peek of the show.

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