Midnight Sun Reveals Edward Wanted To Kill Bella (& Classmates) In Twilight – Screen Rant

Midnight Sun offers a look at Edward Cullen’s mind during the events of Twilight – and at one point, he planned on killing Bella Swan and classmates.

Midnight Sun is not just a retelling of Twilight, as it offers some insight on what was going through Edward Cullen’s mind during that time – and at one point, he wanted to kill Bella Swan and their classmates. Stephenie Meyer introduced readers to a world where vampires, humans, and werewolves coexist in the novel Twilight, published in 2005 and the first entry in a series of four novels. The books followed the often problematic relationship between vampire Edward Cullen and mortal Bella Swan, as well as all the obstacles they had to overcome so they could be together.

The Twilight novels later made the jump to the big screen, but a few months before the first movie was released, and just a couple of days after the publishing of the fourth novel, Breaking Dawn, Meyer decided to stop writing a fifth novel after 12 chapters were leaked. Titled Midnight Sun, the book is a retelling of Twilight but from Edward’s perspective, and after years of no updates, Meyer announced in May 2020 that the book was finally going to see the light, and it was released in August 2020. Midnight Sun offers a look into Edward’s mind and heart, as he spends most of the novel fighting with the “monster inside him” – after all, he’s a vampire, and while he can easily pretend to be human, his vampire side popped up a few times.

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Twilight fans know that the relationship between Edward and Bella had a rough start, as Edward seemed to be annoyed by her existence and even found her nauseating, as seen in the now-famous biology class scene (in both the novel and the film). Readers and viewers later learn that it was because Edward was having a hard time fighting against his vampire instincts, as Bella’s scent was near irresistible to him, and he was annoyed and surprised that she was the only person whose thoughts he couldn’t hear. Now that Midnight Sun is out, fans are getting to know Edward’s side of the story in a much deeper way, including that darker side of him, which at one point planned on killing Bella and their classmates – and it happened during the biology class scene.

Twilight biology class scene

As soon as Bella enters the classroom, Edward perceives her scent and it hits him like a wave, awakening his vampire side, which almost takes full control of him. Edward explains that, as the seat beside him was the only one available, she would have to sit there, and so he would have to kill her, even though there were other people in the room. But their classmates and teachers (“the innocent bystanders in this classroom”) couldn’t be allowed to leave after such a bloody act, so he would have to kill them too. Edward is surprised by how strong and dark that side of him can be, but continues to detail his plan to kill all 20 people in the room.

Of course, Edward didn’t kill Bella nor their classmates, but this scene – as cruel as it is – better explains his expression of revulsion when Bella entered the room, as it was not so much her scent but the reaction it awakened in him what made him sick. Although the first books in the Twilight series made it very clear that Edward was a very troubled man whose two sides (human and vampire) were in constant conflict, Midnight Sun explains it all much better, but that also means seeing a darker side of Edward Cullen.

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