How Vaccine Nationalism Could Extend Pandemic’s Run – Bloomberg

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The race to develop an inoculation against Covid-19, involving vaccine developers in more than 30 countries, entails cross-border collaboration but also high-stakes competition. Some countries are using their research dollars to try to buy the first place in line for supplies in the event an experimental vaccine proves effective. Public health specialists warn that such vaccine nationalism could result in the pandemic lasting longer, by preventing the most efficient allocation of shots to prevent Covid-19.

1. Who’s practicing vaccine nationalism?

As part of its Operation Warp Speed aimed at advancing the development of coronavirus countermeasures, the U.S. has committed billions of dollars of support to vaccine companies, with the priority being protecting American citizens first. Officials have placed advance orders for hundreds of millions of doses of vaccines, in the event they prove effective, with the aim to deliver sufficient supply to cover the U.S. population by January 2021. The approach is in keeping with the U.S. government’s purchase of 500,000 doses of the Covid-19 treatment remdesivir, which is all of the manufacturer’s production for July and 90% for August and September.

2. Who besides the U.S.?

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