Gerber Technology's new fashion transformation initiative

Gerber Technology, a US-based innovative solutions provider, has announced a new transformation initiative that makes a worldwide network of fashion experts available to help manufacturers and retailers adapt and digitalise in post-Covid world. A team of trusted advisors will work with customers to digitise and optimise their supply chain.


Covid-19 continues to reshape the way we live, work, dress and buy clothes, highlighting the need for digitalisation, e-commerce and flexible working conditions, requiring fashion companies to transform their supply chains. Every business is unique and Gerber understands each business is at a different stage in its digital transformation. To ensure a successful transformation, Gerber is offering a free assessment to help identify where a business is in its digital journey, allowing them to offer proper resources, expertise and guidance. 


“We have a very integrated consulting approach that can help you through this evolution. We start to work with manufacturers and designers to determine where they are in this journey of digital transformation and really assess what the next logical step is specific for their business,” Michelle Steenvoorden, vice president of professional services at Gerber Technology, said in a press release. “It’s going to be personalised for everyone depending on industry and business goals. We’ve created a free assessment to help people discover where they are in their digital journey, whether they’re a craftsman just beginning to digitise or an innovation leader. We’re here to help our customers optimise their supply chains, work towards cost-saving goals and really be well suited to take on the next evolution in their industry.”


Covid-19 has exposed inefficiencies across the fashion and apparel industry, highlighting the need for brands, retailers and manufacturers to evaluate and retool their processes. For fashion companies to be successful in the new era, they need to focus heavily on creating a customer-friendly e-commerce experience, reconfiguring their supply chains and improving visibility, as well as deciding which markets to focus on and looking for new opportunities for growth.


Gerber’s consulting services are partnering with customers to help them with each of these focus areas and empower them to reach the next level. By leveraging Gerber’s expertise and industry-leading technology, customers will build a strong, digital back bone that will improve their agility and efficiency, enabling them to quickly respond to customer trends and market challenges. 


To help their customers digitally transform, Gerber will rely on the power of their end-to-end integrated platform and support their customers as they bring it to fruition in their own factories. With Gerber’s integrated solution, fashion companies can leverage tools such as AccuMark and YuniquePLM to fully connect their design room to the cutting room, improve collaboration among their teams and build a strong e-commerce experience. 


“When we were looking to implement a PLM solution, the head of IT said YuniquePLM was the Cadillac of PLM systems. It’s the best solution on the market,” June Evans, director of technical design at Filson, said. “We ultimately chose YuniquePLM because of how easy it is to use and the integration with AccuMark. YuniquePLM is an incredible asset and has helped tremendously over the last several months as we all adjusted to working remotely.”

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